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MiM-studio video production Calgary

Give your idea the voice and image

Do you want to tell people about Yourself, Your Product, Your Business?
Video is one of the most effective ways to send a clear message to the world.
Video marketing is your sales tool, it can help you to rank higher in search.
Video is the most engaging and visual type of content people consume nowadays, agree?

MiM-studio video production Calgary

MiM-Studio Video Jobs

We are Calgary-based, and we love anything related to video production. Below are some of the projects that we have under our belt. Would you like us to create a video for You or Your business?


Do you want to create a short story about your company and publish it on your website? Maybe you want to share one day of your daily routine? That’s an awesome idea to help clients to know you better. In addition, we offer small attention-grabbing cuts for your digital social networks.

Video LOGO

A logo video is a small eye-catching dynamic logo for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. An easy way to remind your client of yourself in the daily social network feeds, or to attract their attention to your profile.

SPOT video

The spot is one of the most popular kind of video, it is a 30-50 second commercial or holiday video. The content of it may vary, but you have just less than a minute to tell a story about your project, company, or beautiful holidays. The advantage of this type of video – it can be distributed everywhere because some social media has time restrictions. But “spot” will fit.

Do You Have a Plan?

Any video project needs a plan. It helps to provide a clear message to your audience.
Here is the list of questions to help you to determine your goals:

Let's Work Together

So I'm here to help you with telling the world about yourself, your product, or your business.
My name is Olga, and I will be your project creator and videographer.

MiM-studio video production Calgary

After our first video-chat meeting, my team and I can handle your video recording and post-production. We focus on creating quality video content.

Let's tell the world a story about you and give your idea the voice and image.

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